SSIS-328 Leaving her daughter at home with her new husband and ending


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Yura Kano's mother had just remarried, so she moved in with her stepfather. At first, Yura thought that her stepfather was an intellectual and kind person, so from now on her mother would no longer have to suffer. But after moving in with her, Yura realized that perhaps she was wrong. Her father is a real pervert, his main purpose for coming to Yura's mother is to fuck her. New girls like Yura are the object of the old man's desire. Initially, he secretly installed a camera in Yura's bedroom to check her goods first. According to him, he used the excuse of helping Yura check her homework and then entered her room and then... . Ps: This is a pretty good movie by Yura Kano. The sex scene that I like the most in this series is the scene of using aphrodisiacs in the bedroom in the picture below, it's really exciting to watch.
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