SDMU-942 The stuffed bear and the innocent schoolgirl


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On the way home from school, schoolgirl Arisu encountered an abandoned stuffed bear on the side of the road. She took the poor bear home with the hope of taking care of him. The innocent female student had no idea that she had just brought a pervert home. When Arisu's mother was around, the bear was just a nothing stuffed animal, but when they were alone, he revealed his perverted and lustful side. Arisu did not resist but was very interested in the teddy bear's skillful skills and big "gun". The two secretly made love until one day the mother discovered the truth, the stuffed animal her child brought home every day was a sick man. Right after that, he ran away. Arisu came home from school and found out what happened. She was so depressed that she could only recall the unforgettable memories with the "bear" of those days.
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