DVDMS-323 The story of his best friend and his naughty wife


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After a fun party between two close friends and their wives, an unexpected incident occurred between them. Because he drank too much, the husband fell asleep quickly, leaving only his beautiful wife Ichinose and his best friend awake. The sexual desire that appeared caused them both to start provoking and arousing each other with sexy actions, but that night the story only happened that far. Until the next day, when the husband went to work, it was also the time when his best friend came to his wife's place. Maybe last night they tried to restrain themselves so they could save their strength for a beautiful and promising day like yesterday. now. It turned out that the two of them already had feelings for each other, but as soon as they entered the room, they hugged and started to talk about the main topic - the topic of sex. Furthermore, this adulterous couple also used their phones to record the moments of love and joy together after each sexual encounter. This is so wretched.
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